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~KK – EGI Blogger

My name is Kaylin Koslosky and I am currently heading into my final year as a student at Colorado State University. I am studying to get a Natural Sciences/Secondary Education major and a Microbiology minor. There is nothing in my life, no matter how many things I fill my days with (which I tend to do, as a result of my A-type personality), that is more important to me than my relationship with Christ. He is the reason for all that I do, and the Creator of all of the wonder I see around me each day, and even in each one of my science classes. But life can get crazy as a student, and I’m sure it stays crazy once you graduate and begin working, so I look forward to this opportunity to work together as we seek to Edge God In. For without Him, all that we do is done in vain.


~Jay-EGI Blogger

I am so blessed to be able to share the wonderful gifts given to me by the Lord  with all of you.  I have accomplished a lot in my life along with being blessed with the greatest gifts … my  three lovely children and hubby.  Being a mother of three keeps you on your knees, especially when the world is Edging God out daily.  I pray that I am able to give inspiration to mothers out there through this site.  I am a songwriter and writer,  so don’t be surprised if I creatively share through various mediums!

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~Kellie – EGI Blogger

Kellie Frazier is the mother of 3 and a wife of 32 years. She founded Connecting LLC in 2005, to help thousands of people emotionally connect to their families, their audiences, and to their purpose.

Kellie is also a best selling author, public speaker and a breakthrough coach who’s been featured on CBS/CNN Radio, Motivational Radio, Baby Boomers Radio, MomPreneurs Radio and many more. She persevered through a traumatic brain injury, death of family members, the collapse of a family business and her focus today is bringing healing and restoration of those she is called to serve.

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2 thoughts on “EGI Bloggers”

  1. Hi,
    I want say thank you to Kaylin for her article I read on I Never Knew a Bikini Could Hide So Much – Chastity.

    I’m a catechist of a group of teen ager (16 years old). It’s a great message for them girls and boys. I shared to them your article.

    Thanks, Alessandro, Italy

    1. Wonderful Alessandro! Kaylin is my daughter and adores the Lord. I too really liked her article. It is such a call to higher ground.

      Blessings to you,

      Lauren <><

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