True Pride vs A Prideful Nature


How to Recognize Pride vs. A Prideful Nature:


True Pride:


True pride that has its way in you is unable to hear and respond to the voice of humility.  Therefore it has an insatiable desire to dominate, be seen, acknowledged & recognized. The serpents of jealousy, envy and lack and scarcity slither around in true pride robbing it’s host of inner peace and confidence.


This pride gets easily frustrated & anger flares up when it’s plans are thwarted and people stand in its way of getting what it wants.


It is fueled by unbridled ambition that puts things before people.  The non-essential before the essential, and will do anything, often void of moral conscious, to get what it wants.


This pride is like a spoiled child and is seldom content or deeply satisfied…always wanting more.


A Spiritually Discerning Person with a Prideful Nature:


Know this: Even as a human being seeking to love, serve and honor God you will experience prideful flare-ups.  Often times you will think you have passed a godly character development class in earth school only to find yourself taking a refresher course ;  ).


The difference between a person who lives in service of pride and one who seeks to put God’s ways of love and service first and experiences occasional moments of prideful flare-ups is this:


As soon as pride shows up the spiritually discerning person will feel the burn of whatever action, thought, or word associated with the prideful moment within their biology.


Feeling the discomfort this person will choose to return to God as quickly as possible.  Identifying and adjusting their thoughts, words and deeds to keep themselves aligned with the higher good of all concerned, which flows form their intimacy with God.


The spiritually discerning person sees pride for what it is and seeks the higher ground of humility, love and gratitude.  They are also able to forgive others when they have prideful moments.


Basically, the truly prideful person is enslaved to pride as they continually choose it over the ways of their godly nature.


The person who has a prideful nature or tendency as humans do, yet is not a proud person, is one who rejects prideful flare-ups and quickly makes amends as they choose God over their prideful moment.


Begin again, and again and again with even more congruency today than yesterday.


Align your actions with your God given natural state of being filling your responses to life with love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, gentleness and self-control.


Authentic transformation beings with ruthless honesty and the ability to adjust and choose God’s abundant grace which always offers the opportunity to begin again.

“Dear God rescue us from the weak moments of the flesh which rob us of the knowing that we are enough IN YOU. We lack nothing, as St. Teresa of Avila says, when we have you. Fill up those spaces within our interior castle which are void of the remembrance that humility, love and confidence make up the foundation for lasting inner peace and life satisfaction.”

Because of His Love,

Lauren <><

God or Man? Flip Your Authority

“You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.” 1 John 4:4


Too often we give more authority to circumstance than we do to

our God given ability to overcome, learn from and move 

through perceived challenges in life. This week remember

that GREATER IS THE ONE who lives in YOU than 

the one or thing in the world.


Your experience of rising and 

falling depending upon how the world judges you is in 

direct proportion to the power YOU give to the outside

circumstance to define your worth, value and capability. 

If God is for you…who or what can be against you? Flip

your authority today: Give more authority to the strength of God

within you than you give to the opinions of people around you and

or specific outcomes. Failure is just a label we place on an

undesirable outcome.  Think about this for a moment, if

you truly believe that God has plans to prosper you and not to

harm you, to give you hope and a future then whatever pops

up before you can be flipped into positive forward momentum.

What if you take a moment this week before any potential threat

to your sense of safety and ability to overcome and you remember

this simple thought: God has overcome all that I feel has overcome

(or potentially overcome) me in my life…He sees all and is more

than capable of doing more than I can ever ask or imagine for

my ultimate good in this world, I am safe and connected to the

One that is greater than circumstance.


Because of His Love,

Lauren <><

Edge God In Podcast 1: The Religion of Evolution


Edge God In Podcast 1: The Religion of Evolution

Dear Lord,

Give us the gift of understanding as we approach the very controversial topic of our existence. This is a hard topic to explain so give us the revelation of knowledge to understand that which you would have for us. We know that the Bible gives us answers to all our questions and needs and ask that you open up the answers in this area. Let us also take this knowledge to grow our kingdom and fulfill our purpose here in this life.

Scriptures to Explore

  • Genesis 1:1,2
  • Numbers 6:24-26
  • Ecclesiastes 1:9

Be Still & Know Refreshment

Edge God In

Refreshment flows in our choice to be still in the midst of life’s crazy demands. Knowing God’s refreshment flips to the front lines of our responses to life as we take time to pause in stillness before the One who knows how best to refresh our minds, hearts and attitudes on this journey of life.

Why is it that often times when we are overwhelmed we speed up? Our ability to access solution based thinking lies in our choice to slow down, breathe and pray in the attributes of God including wisdom and peace that passes all human understanding.

Today, focus on slowing down when you feel like your life is speeding up. Carve out for yourself mini-retreats that give you the opportunity to tune into God and allow the mind of Christ (as we are told we have 1 Corinthians 2:16) to flip to the front lines of your thoughts; words; deeds and actions. For the One who calls you IS faithful and He will give you the strength, wisdom and motivation to accomplish all that HE has called you into on this journey of life. Be still and watch how the refreshment you seek becomes your set point.

“The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.” Exodus 14:14

Because of His Love,

Lauren <><