How to use your Emotional Intelligence In Christ to Overcome Offense

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Edge God In Podcast 142: How to use your Emotional Intelligence In Christ to Overcome Offense | Host: Dr. Estella Chavous

Championing Human Potential in Christ

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Support Resources: Let Meditation Mend You

Training: Christ Filled (C-FRE) Course

Learning Objective: To learn what God says about Offense and understand how Emotional Intelligence in Christ gives you the wisdom to manage it.

Scriptures: Proverbs 19:11 | Ecclesiastes 7:21- 22 | James 1:19 | Proverbs 4:6-7 | Proverbs 10:12 | Luke 17:3 | Galatians 5:22

Dear Lord, 

Heavenly Father, I come to you in thanks and praise. Would you please let the words from my mouth honor and provide nourishment for your flock? It is hard not to take offense or even offend others with our actions. I ask that we learn to change any negative impulse or reaction that leads us to do this, which is not Christlike behavior. The bible has so many examples of how you modeled this behavior for us. I pray that we have the Mind of Christ that leads us to the right Emotional Intelligent actions. Thanks for being our father and for the love and protection you give to us.  Amen.