Emotional Intelligence in Christ 6 Week Study Guide Journey

As you journey through the Emotional Intelligence in Christ 6 Week Study Guide you will have the opportunity to listen to an Edge God In Podcast at the beginning of each week. For on the go listening we have listed the 5 support podcasts for each week below:

Week One Identity in Christ

Week Two Identity in Christ

Week Three Self-Control

Week Four: Altruistic Attitude

Week Five: Christ Connections

Week Six: Review & Reflect: No podcast. The support Video can be found in the following here.

Based on the New Book Release: Emotional Intelligence in Christ

The Emotional Intelligence in Christ Project is Officially Launched!

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Jesus Christ of Nazareth modeled the highest form of emotional intelligence, connecting the hearts of humanity: Love in action. Using His acute awareness, words, intonation, body language, and self-control, Jesus won the hearts of the people who encountered Him from the youngest to the oldest; He positively impacted people’s lives.

What if you could do the same?

The Emotional Intelligence in Christ Course will help you develop the awareness and the skills needed to practice and live a life of Love.

Course Learning Objectives:

In this course, you will learn:

  • Develop a closer relationship with Christ increasing your ability to love and be loved
  • Understand each of the 4 quadrants of Emotion intelligence
    • Self-Recognition (Personal Identity)
    • Self-Management (Self-Control) 
    • Social Recognition (Altruistic Attitude) 
    • Social Management (Christ Connections)
  • Learn how to influence behavior with the EIC Method through its connection with Biblical DISC.
  • Act on all that you have learned for continued development, practice and renewal.

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