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CLICK HERE => egi-gng-biblestudysheet1-1

The above template was created for your reflection and personal application on each of the Edge God In Bible Studies. There are 5 steps in the learning process: 

  1. Learn new information
  2. Reflect on new learnings
  3. Identify and adjust beliefs and perceptions based on new information
  4. Integrate new “ah ha” learnings into your thoughts and words
  5. Take Action on the new learnings in your day to day life.
  6. Examination of Consciousness: Observe any positive shifts in your thoughts; words; deeds and actions before you fall asleep.


Edge God In Bible Studies 

Edge God In Bible Study PDFs:

Self-Awareness: 1st Step in Emotional Intelligence: Click Here =>  edge-god-in-bible-study-april-18-self-awareness

2nd Step in Emotional Intelligence: Self-Management: Click Here => edge-god-in-bible-study-authentic-leadership-1

How to Lead with Emotional Intelligence Step 3: Click Here => edge-god-in-bible-study-leadership-eq-step-twoedge-god-in-virtual-bible-study-eq-step-3-estella-edits

4th Step in Emotional Intelligence for Authentic Leadership: Click Here => eq-step-4-edge-god-in-virtual-bible-study

How to Speak Like A Leader: Click Here => how-to-speak-like-a-leader-virtual-bible-study-notes-1


Edge God In Live Virtual Bible Studies 

Edge God In Live Bible Study =>

Remember to print out our Edge God In 1 Sheet which can be used for the Edge God In Bible Study.

The Emotional Intelligence for Authentic Leadership Edge God In Bible Study Series Will Begin in October. Details will be posted soon. 

Edge God In Virtual Bible Study: Topic: Contentment 

Scriptures: Philippians 4:10-20

Coming Soon: Edge God In Virtual Bible Study: Topic: How to Make the Holy Spirit Your Virtual Assistant. Scriptures: 2 Samuel 3; Isaiah 30:21; John 16:12-15 =>

Coming Soon: Edge God In Virtual Bible Study: Topic: Money Stress


Edge God In Archive Podcast

Edge God In Bible Study Podcast Replays =>

Edge God In Bible Study 1:                                                                                   How to Understand God’s Invitation into Meditation

Edge God In Bible Study 2:                                                                                     How to cultivate Meaningful Relationships

Edge God in Bible Study 3:                                                                                 Moving through Grief with God

 Edge God In Bible Study 4:                                                                                              Do You Follow Shinny Objects?

Edge God In Bible Study 5:  Begin Again

 Edge God In Bible Study 6:                                                                                        Assumptions & Expectations

 Edge God In Bible Study 7:                                                                                       He that is in me  is Greater Than the World

Edge God In Bible Study 8:                                                                                     How to give the Spirit more Authority than the Flesh

1/25/16 – EDGE GOD IN Philippians  4:4-9 –  Bible Study Audio

2/8/16  –  EDGE GOD IN Philippines  4: 10-20 – Bible Study Audio


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