How to Handle Hard

Edge God In Podcast 250: How to Handle Hard

Support Resources Referenced: The Best of Monday Morning Minute Starting and Finishing Your Week on Purpose by Ron Klopfenstein

Last weeks Podcast: A Lesson from Jesus on Identity | Host: Lauren E Miller, Co-Host, Ron Klopfenstein

Championing Human Potential in Christ

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Learning Objective: Faced with a challenge today? A trial or setback? Learn several key insights to help you handle the hard in life.

Scriptures: Psalm 66:10-12 | Daniel 3:16-18 | 1 Samuel 13:5-7

Jesus you said that in this world we would have trouble but to take heart…YOU have overcome the world and all we feel threatened by in our life. Help us to remember that you are GOOD, FAITHFUL AND JUST. Draw us back to what our soul always knows: we belong to you and you will never leave us empty handed when it comes to the resources we need to get through the hard times in life.

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