Edge God In Podcast 38: Jesus Rehab


Dear Lord, you are the resurrection and the LIFE. Thank you for the opportunity to begin again with the gift of each new dawn. You have called us out of darkness into your light. Help us out of addiction and all of it’s alluring forms: approval, pleasure, drugs, alcohol, food, fashion, pornography, popularity, praise, position, power…we give you authority today to deliver us from all addictive behavior that has become a yoke of slavery in our life. Forgive us for allowing any of these vices the space in our mind and lives to master us. You are our only Master and offer us the freedom we truly long for, help us to stand firm and not allow ourselves to be burdened by the yoke of slavery to the shiny objects of the world which are all destined to perish with use. Deliver us Lord…deliver us!

In today’s Podcast you will hear a POWERFUL personal testimony of deliverance from Jacob Neubauer who at 12 years old began to enter a life as an addict and found deliverance in Jesus Christ by 24 years old…after, jail time and setbacks… he came home to Jesus: Jesus Rehab. (He welcomes any questions you may have or to simply to connect with him on his Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/jacob.neubauer.5 

Scripture Readings to Explore:

Luke 15: Lost Sheep/ Prodigal Son

2 Corinthians 11:4


Edge God In Podcast 36: Jesus The Ultimate Coach in Life


Dear Lord, you had the amazing ability to pose the perfect questions at just the right time to guide others back to themselves as connected to your Heavenly Father. You created such safe space for people to examine where they where stuck in life as well as tuning into the desire to move beyond their circumstances into freedom. It is for Freedom that you have set us all free (Galatians 5:1). Help us to use effective questioning with ourselves and those entrusted to our care to help resurrect authentic identity and capability in and through you, just as you did for Peter, the blind man, the woman at the well and for me.

Scripture Readings to Explore:

John 4

John 15

John 16

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