4 Things Jesus Wants You to Do While You Wait…

4 Things Jesus Wants You to Do as The Day of His Second Coming draws near. Up Your Faith Factor. Today’s Podcast is a continued conversation from Podcast 68: Whose Voice are You Listening To?

Edge God In Podcast 69: Jesus asks us to do 4 specific things as the day draws near to His return. In the midst of uncertainty we can start doing those things now moving forward.


Championing Human Potential in Christ

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Learning Objective: Understand the connection between mercy, love, faith and healing. Learn four things Jesus asks us to do while we wait for His return.

Scriptures: Luke 17:5-6 | Luke 18:35-43 | Luke 21:1-4, 10-36 | Matthew 2:4 | Luke 23:39-43

Today we recorded this Podcast on Good Friday 2020. The book referenced in this Podcast is: Stop Letting the World Be the Boss of You! 25 Solutions to Refresh Your Identity in Christ.

In the midst of the coronavirus. Perhaps you are isolated and feel alone. God sees you and adores you. Jesus died and rose again to win your heart over to the ways of God who sees you and adores you. Do you know Jesus love for you? If not and you want to experience life with knowing He is with you, loves you and for you, pray with us:

Dear Lord, You are the greatest love story told to redeem mankind and restore our relationship with God our Father ever told. Father, you created the world which was good and beautiful. Sin entered through Adam and Eve. Jesus, you died for our sins so that those who believe may spend eternity in Heaven with you. I want to experience your love, mercy and forgiveness in my life. I am sorry for each moment I have wondered from love into selfishness and ugly behavior. Save me, I choose you and I want to begin again. Come into my life and make me your own. I want to know you Lord now moving forward on this journey of life.

If you have prayed this prayer, have confidence that Jesus heard your prayer and answered, He loves and adores you. God has plans for your life…good plans. Surrender yourself to Him. Get involved in a faith based Church family. Get a Bible that has Jesus’ words written in red so that you can experience His mercy and love through the gospel message unlocking your faith and restoration. Watch a powerful account of His life: Jesus of Nazareth by Franco Zeffirelli.

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