Anxious? The Surrender Prayer is For You

Edge God In Podcast 59: Anxiety is the ramification of entertaining the thought: “I’m not 100% confident that God “really” has my back or is able to work things out for a greater good than had this trial or setback never occurred.” In today’s podcast you will learn a powerful prayer of response to override anxious thoughts and undesirable outcomes in life.

Championing Human Potential in Christ

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Learning Objective: Learn the power of putting into motion Jesus invitation to die to self, take up your cross and FOLLOW Him. Enter into the daily practice of living a surrendered life to Christ. Learn how to turn every anxious thought over to Jesus.

Scriptures: Matthew 16:24-26 |Luke 9:23-25 | 1 Peter 5:7 | Philippians 4:6

Dear God, I want to experience the peace that passes all human understanding. Help me to take up my cross of anxious thinking and cast it onto you BECAUSE YOU CARE FOR ME (1 Peter 5:7). Now moving forward into this New Year I want to activate a response of confident trust that you have my back. Help me to cast ALL my anxiety upon you, to not be anxious about anything…to pray about EVERYTHING. Here we go Lord…you take care of everything. If there is an action you want me to take, I want to take it, quicker today than yesterday. I bring you all that I have, my two fish and five loaves…Jesus, I entrust all that I am to you…you take care of it all. I believe you have my back…help my unbelief.

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