Exploring Altruism Part 3: How to Act in Altruistic Relationships through the work of the Holy Spirit.

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Edge God In Podcast 233:  Exploring Altruism Part 3: How to act in Altruistic Relationships through the work of the Holy Spirit.

EdgeGodIn.com | Host: Dr. Estella Chavous

Dear Lord,

Heavenly Father, we come to you today with thanks, praise, and gratitude. You are the hope we have in our lives no matter what situation, suffering, or uncertainty we face, and we thank you for this. I pray that this series on altruism will inspire listeners to seek more knowledge of what it is to be like you and to lead in Love as you instructed us to do. I pray Hebrews 6 on our lives, knowing that you are not unjust and will not forget the work we put in to develop the altruistic person you would have us be. In this, we pray, Amen.

Championing Human Potential in Christ

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Learning Objective: Using the Holy Spirit in Altruistic Relationships

Scriptures: 3 John 1:2 | Galatians 6:2 | John 1:1:9 | Hebrews 6:10| Matthew 5:16 | Acts 13 |1 John | 1 Cor. 12:7| 1 Pet. 4:10

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