God’s Response to Self-Doubt

Edge God In Podcast 81: God’s Response to Self Doubt


Championing Human Potential in Christ

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Support Resource: How to Connect in the Midst of Disconnect CD

Learning Objective: Understand how God responds to your doubt and learn how to follow his lead in the midst of it.

Scriptures: Genesis 37-46| Jeremiah 29:11 | John 10:10 | Exodus 14:14

Sweet Jesus, I give you permission to override my self doubt. Help me to take the “self’ focus out of my circumstance and replace it with devotion to you and your ways in my life. Too often I judge my circumstances based on what I think I’m capable of handling successfully. I’m left with fear, doubt and worry. Remind my mind of the victory that is mine when I abide in you and listen to your plan for my life. Help me to want what you want and to trust in your strength in and through me over mine.

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