What Has Mastered You?


A Man/Woman is enslaved by whatever has mastered him/her. (2 Peter 2:19)

What has mastered you? The need for approval? Expectations around how you think life or people should show up for you each day? Assumptions? A hunger to be recognized or esteemed? Negative self talk? Perfectionism? A lack and scarcity mindset? Unbridled ambition that replaces what you value you most? The need for external positive reinforcement in order to step out in faith? Your outer perceptions of circumstances? Past pain? Past regrets?

This week call out loud what you have given the ability to master you. Take each item and tap on your thymus (a major circuit breaker in your body located two inches below the U-shaped dip in your neck) as you proclaim:

“I have given power to external perceptions (proclaim your specific circumstance) to define my sense of capability, worth and God given purpose.  I choose to RELEASE my perspective of outer circumstance and the unhealthy power I have given it easily and consistently so that my words, deeds and actions reflect a new perspective; an internal vision that flows from my relationship with God, soul perspective and those things I value most in this life.”

Dear God, you have set me free.  Fill me down to my cellular level with an eternal perspective that flows from the perfect wisdom my soul always knows and my body, including my perceptions and thoughts, simply forgets.

Because of His Peace and Love,

Lauren <><

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