3 Excuses that Edge God Out

Edge God In Podcast Week 25: 3 Excuses That Edge God Out

 In Podcast 23 and 24: A 3 Step Prison Break, Part 1 and 2 you learned a 3 – Step Experience and Process of Breaking out of behavior that compromises the person God is calling your to be. In today’s Podcast we will explore 3 Excuses that Edge God Out in the midst of our busy lives. Too often we make up excuses when it comes to drawing near to God throughout our day. Similar to Martha who was so busy she could not pause and sit at the feet of Jesus as her sister Mary did, we find ourselves enmeshed with what we do rather than anchored in whose we are. The gentle presence of God whispers between each breath and each heartbeat yet we run around so busy we miss out on the refreshment He continually offers us throughout the day. I have said before: “What it’s not all about all about me? What I think, want and need?”

Dear Lord, I give you permission to slow me down. Too often I am unwilling to edge you into my busy life, as if being busy makes me more important or purposeful. Teach me how to hear your invitation to draw near to you today. Override my agenda, to-do lists and pursuit to be enough and fill them with your presence Lord. Forgive me for every declined invitation I have sent back to you. Forgive me for putting things above my relationship with you and the people I love. I know your word does not return to you void but accomplishes the purpose for which it’s sent. If I am too busy you will use someone else to accomplish your will on earth. Wake me up to remember what I have learned during the storms in my life. Lord, where else do I need to go, for in you and with you I lack nothing. No more excuses, I choose you. Move me to draw closer to you today than yesterday.

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