Are You In Darkness or Light?

Edge God In Podcast 98: Are you in darkness or light? Host: Lauren E Miller M.Ed

Championing Human Potential in Christ

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Learning Objective: Learn how to move out of darkness into the light of God’s love. Reflect on and apply the wisdom that comes from the disciple that Jesus loved. It’s time to clear out the shadows in your life and restore clarity.

Scriptures: 1 John| John

Dear Lord, too often I linger in the dark shadows of negative thoughts, emotions and behaviors. I want out. Save me Lord from myself, my selfish perspectives, conclusions and judgements that block the victory of your love from saving me and those around me. Remind my mind of what my soul always knows: you adore me and have a work of love to do through me that is the key to my freedom, inner peace and purpose. I want that more today than yesterday.

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