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Edge God In Podcast 44: What Shadow Are You Hiding In?

Championing Human Potential in Christ

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What Shadow Are You Hiding In?

Learning Objective:

Discern the shadows in your life and take back your ability to dwell in the shadow of the Most High. Understand the gift of refuge you receive as a result of your choice to rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

Dear Lord,

You are the only shadow I want to hide in. Deliver me from all the shadows in my life: past, present, future that hijack my true identity and confidence in you. Help me to recognize when I have jumped into someone else’s shadow, diluting the gifts and talents you have blessed me with along with my ability to own and act on the purpose you have for me on this journey of life. More of you…less of me. I want to dwell in YOUR shadow more today than yesterday and experience the safety and confidence that results from my choice to remain in you.

Scripture Readings to Explore:

Philippians: 3:20, 4:5-8

Proverbs 3:4-6

Psalm: 91

Psalm 36:7

Psalm 16:1

Edge God In Podcast 40: Do You Deserve God’s Mercy? Step into Nineveh’s Shoes

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Dear Lord,

Too often I sit on the Mercy seat and cast stones at myself and others. How can I give out what I have not experienced within my own relationship with you? Help me to feel your Mercy and Love more today than yesterday. Increase my desire to offer the kind of mercy you offered to the 120,000 people in Nineveh. Ignite within my heart the ability to rejoice in my brother’s and sister’s experience of your love and mercy more today than yesterday. Too often I am Jonah, angry and resentful that you are showing mercy to someone I don’t feel deserves it. “Let He who is without sin cast the first stone.”  Jesus, John 8:7.

Scripture Readings to Explore:

Jonah Chapters 1-4 (Focus on Chapter 4)

2 Peter 3:9

Edge God In Podcast 39: How to Rebuke the devil

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Dear Lord,

Make me aware of the ways the devil uses to get me off track from my desire to love and serve you. Help me to have the same strength you had when you were tempted in the desert after 40 days of fasting. You were weak, tired and hungry. I can relate to all of those conditions, yet you stood firm knowing your identity and declaring it. Increase my desire to spend time with you and reading the Holy Scriptures that testify about your faithfulness and love for me. Fill me with the strength of the same Spirit that rose your dead body to life so that I too can be victorious against the deceptive, accusatory and tempting attacks of the devil in my daily tasks. You are my Master in life and I choose to do life in, with and for the Glory of God.

Scripture Readings to Explore:

Deuteronomy 8:16-18, 8:3, 6:16, 6:13, Psalm 91:12

Matthew 4:1-10


Edge God In Podcast 36: Jesus The Ultimate Coach in Life

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Dear Lord, you had the amazing ability to pose the perfect questions at just the right time to guide others back to themselves as connected to your Heavenly Father. You created such safe space for people to examine where they where stuck in life as well as tuning into the desire to move beyond their circumstances into freedom. It is for Freedom that you have set us all free (Galatians 5:1). Help us to use effective questioning with ourselves and those entrusted to our care to help resurrect authentic identity and capability in and through you, just as you did for Peter, the blind man, the woman at the well and for me.

Scripture Readings to Explore:

John 4

John 15

John 16

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Edge God In Podcast 20: How to Feel Secure in the Midst of Insecurity

Dear Lord, we stand in the midst of unsafe and insecure events that deeply trouble our hearts and shake our foundation of confidence. Help us Lord to lean our entire sense of security into you so much so that we feel the resurrected strength of your presence within us in every thought and action. Now is the time to let our light shine before men so that they may see our good works in the midst of darkness and give you glory. Awake Oh sleeper and rise from the dead and Christ will shine on you. Help us to outshine the darkness Lord, to rise up and stand for what is good, right, true, beautiful, excellent and praise worthy. Help us to hold our peace, lean into your strength, for you are our refuge and fortress. Protect us from evil and charge your angels over us. Replace all fear with confidence that you are faithful and will never leave us or forsake us so we will declare: “the Lord is my helper, I will not be afraid.” Remind the fragility of our flesh what our soul always knows: “Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.” Remind our mind of this very thing, that you have begun a good work in us and will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. Comfort all who mourn tonight, and as the rose appears in the midst of thorns help us to remember that you do your greatest work in the darkest nights, we are simply passing through as your ambassadors, make your appeal through us.

 Edge God In Podcast 20: How to Feel Secure in the Midst of Insecurity

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Edge God In Podcast 18:A Negativity Detox: Step 1

Edge God In Podcast 18: A Negativity Detox: Step 1

Dear God, help me to root out internal strife in my life. Make me a light of positivity in this world. I give you permission to detox my thought life. Cast out those thoughts that fuel stupid and foolish arguments and quarrels against myself and others. How can I offer kindness in this world if I am beating myself up in my head? Help me speak kind and supportive words to myself with a gentle and loving intonation. I know I cannot give out what I don’t take time to expand within my soul. In makes sense to me that the most powerful place to begin a negativity detox in my life starts with my own internal dialogue. Help me to use an intonation with myself that reflects the kindness and love of the Holy Spirit. May I be quick to linger in those positive affirming statements that are fueled by your presence and whispers in my life. I want to feel what it feels like to live out Romans 12:1 to be completely transformed by the renewing of my mind. Deeply refreshed and focused on what is good, right, true, beautiful, excellent and praiseworthy. Detox my thought life from all negativity.

Click Here to Download the PDF Edge God In Bible Study for this Podcast: EdgeGodIn Week 17- A Negativity Detox Step 1

Edge God In Podcast 13: Activate Aging Grace- part 2

5 ways to Activate Aging Grace:

  1. Old is new – Romans 8:28-29, 35-39

This is a beginning of a new adventure

  1. Let God be mold you – Genesis 37:3-4

Allow people and experiences to shape you 

  1. Know that you are called by God  – Exodus 4:1-17

Create a mission statement for the latter third of life.

  1. It’s okay to be vulnerable – Ruth 1:1-17

Aging brings with it many changes that require emotional and mental adaptation—but our loving God is in control.

2. You are getting nearer to God – Psalm 4

Losing our grip to human attachments – moving us into a greater relationship with him that should not be limited because of our age.

Identify & Integrate:

  • Seek wisdom and Knowledge – Read Gods Word on Aging and develop a ritual embedding it into your heart.
  • Pray for Gods understanding of beauty and youth and remove vanity, doubt, or fear.
  • Change your perspective on things and approach aging as an adventure.
  • Honor those around you who are aging.


  • Be mindful of self and others
  • Revisit Gods word and listen to his direction for you
  • Journal

Dear God, grant me the grace to know that no matter what I look like, I was created beautifully by you. Help me to see continue to see myself in your image and those I observe losing what we believe to be beauty during the aging process. Help me spread love and kindness, support and help to the aging mentally spiritually and physically. As I help myself, let the light you gave me shine for others.

Fast From 1 Thing for Brain Strength


Are You Shrinking Your Brain?


How much of your verbal communication in a 24 hour

period of time contains an element of complaining?

10%? 25% 50% 75% 90%?


Take a moment to go into your internal castle, close your eyes and

give this self inventory question a moment to marinate. For any positive

shift to occur it is essential to shine the light of

our awareness on the state of behavior we wish to prune

out of our life.


Next question: Are you a conscious communicator? Someone

who pauses before responding and edits and adjusts words

to align with the person you are committed to being.


Have you fallen asleep at the gate of your most powerful

modality to create a positive or negative space around you

on this journey of life: Your Tongue.


Science proves that your brain actually shrinks in the midst of

complaining, either from your own mouth or people around you.

Victory over undesirable circumstances lies in your ability

to occupy the space you feel honors the person you are committed

to being. Do you edify yourself and those around you or do

you cut down yourself and those around you? The choice is

yours and makes all the difference in the outcomes you experience.


This week I invite you to take a complaining fast, I’m going to join

you in this practice. As you feel a negative conclusion or statement

bubbling up into your mouth, put your hand over your mouth

and step away from the situation if necessary to catch yourself.

As quickly as possible flip the negative thought into a positive one.


For example: “I am so exhausted and fed up with my work load.”

Flip It: “I love how much effort I put behind what I do in life, my

body is telling me it’s time to take a break and restore so I can

continue to show up the way I want to show up, and I am going to honor that.”


“When we put bits into the mouths of horses to make them obey us, we can turn the whole animal. Or take ships as an example, although they are so large and are driven by strong winds, they are steered by a very small rudder wherever the pilot wants to go. Likewise the tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts. Consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark. The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body. It corrupts the whole body, sets the whole course one’s life on fire…” James 3:3-6

Nolite Timere: Fear Not!

Because of His Love,