Edge God In Podcast 7: What’s Your “Precious?


Dear Lord, I find myself running to the cave clinging to the thing that I feel I need in order to know that I am Ok, enough and valued. Help me to remember that nothing the world has to offer can compare to the surpassing knowledge of knowing you as my Lord and Savior. Help me not to follow shiny objects that upon my grip lose their shine. Tolkien so wisely chose the name Gollum, the “unman” to represent the man or woman who has lost themselves in the fetish. Protect me from losing myself in trinkets and positions in life that have no power to save or satisfy. You are my Lord and Savior, I lack nothing with you.

Edge God In Podcast  7 : What’s Your “Precious?”

Click Here to Download the PDF Edge God In Bible Study for this Podcast: Edge God In Podcast 7 What Is Your Precious?

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