Emotional Intelligence in Christ: Problem Solving Strategies of High Ss

Edge God In Podcast 202: Emotional Intelligence in Christ: Problem Solving Strategies of High S’s

EdgeGodIn.com | Host: Lauren E Miller, M.Ed and Co-Host Ken Voges, Adjunct Professor at Dallas Seminary

Championing Human Potential in Christ

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Learning Objective:  Explore how high S’s from the Biblical DISC Styles solve problems. Learn a three step process to work with high S’s to solve problems.

Scriptures: Genesis 16 (flesh takes over to solve a problem) | Genesis 21:11-12 (God steps in uses Sarah’s high D nature to confirm the blessing is through Isaac to Abraham who is stressed out). | Romans 12:9-16…how to love well.

Prayer: Dear Lord, we are all wired differently yet you are able to connect with all of us in a very unique and compassionate manner. Grant us the emotional intelligence to realize that not everyone thinks the way we do along with the wisdom to enter into relationships with people who operate much differently than we do. This is a job for you Jesus, help us to become less so that you can become more in our ability to connect and relate to each other for the Glory of God.

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