How to Connect in the Midst of Disconnect

Edge God In Podcast 79: How to Connect in the Midst of Disconnect

Championing Human Potential in Christ

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Support Resource: How to Connect in the Midst of Disconnect CD

Learning Objective: Learn and transfer specific behavior modeled by 2 Old Testament God followers to help you connect in the midst of disconnect. Understand the 3 “Rs” to reconnect along with a powerful process to create safe space between two people communicating.

Scriptures: Genesis 27 and 32-33| John 14:25-31

Sweet Jesus, I want a face full of mercy and love because of a personal encounter with you in my heart of hearts. A change of heart is what I want so that I can reflect your presence to the people around me. I want to be your light in the world, a city set on a hill to give light to all who cross my path. Give us clean hands, give us pure hearts and help us humble ourselves before you, call on your name, seek your face and turn away from ugly behavior and evil thoughts, heal our land Lord, use me as a part of your mighty work for restoration. I surrender all that I am to all that you are for the sake of more love and mercy in the relationships you have blessed me with to learn and grow.

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