Keep It Simple

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Edge God In Podcast 170: Keep It Simple | Host: Lauren E Miller, M.Ed

Championing Human Potential in Christ

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Hearing His Whisper:

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Learning Objective: Learn four simple directives of Jesus to help keep your daily faith life focus simple and applicable.

Scriptures: John 6:35 | John 8:12 | John 15:5

Prayer: Dear Lord, I admit I get hijacked by the hustle in life, often times I don’t even know where I end and my to-do list starts. Often times overwhelm and lack of discernment slither in and hold me captive in darkness. Set me free today Lord, open my eyes to see how simple life can be when I keep my eyes fixed on you and what you invite me to do on a daily basis. More of you God, less of me make simplicity my way in all things.

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