Lean Into Lent: Release What Has Mastered You

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Edge God In Podcast 111: Lean Into Lent: Release What Has Mastered You

I forgot to offer you today’s Stress Relief Technique at the end of the podcast. As promised: How to Release Shame and Regret

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Learning Objective: Discover what you are enslaved to, what has mastered you. Learn what behaviors to put off and on in order to up your peace in the Lord’s love for you.

Scriptures: Samuel 4:19 | Colossians 3:5-14 | 2 Peter 2:19

Dear Lord, walk with me as I enter these 40 days before Easter and prepare my heart to encounter you…your unconditional love, mercy and power. Holy Spirit, show me what has mastered me in my life and give me the desire, fortitude and wisdom to rid myself of all such things to make room for God’s mighty work in and through me.

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