Praying Doctors

May and June are the traditional months for graduations and  celebrations of great accomplishments.  We know that the definition of commencement means ” a beginning or new start”,  but many times we look at graduation like it’s the end.

I was blessed to be in this photo with a group of doctoral students and we took the time right in the middle of the reception ceremony to praise God for the beginnings and responsibility he had given to each of us.

Although my physical and mental body worked hard for this doctorate degree the honor comes with great responsibly.   My vehicle is education but each of us has a unique God give path to begin.  We are to develop and prepare ourselves for the work and greatness that God has in store for each of us going forward.

I write this to say, that God gives each of us great responsibility no matter what your job or path is in life.  We just have to take that purpose or path we are on now and work to achieve great things in life using it to spread the message of Jesus Christ. No matter what you are celebrating are commencing, remember that it is through him that all things are possible.

Lets us not  forget the accomplishments that we achieve and be so for every humble of these gifts, so that in turn we are able to give back to others through our achievements!

~Dr. Stella


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