Are You Divided Against Yourself?

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Edge God In Podcast 130: Are You Divided Against Yourself? | Host: Lauren E Miller, M.Ed

Championing Human Potential in Christ

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Learning Objective: Are you divided against yourself without even knowing it? Learn and respond to Jesus invitation for you to be undivided in your faith walk with God.

Scriptures: Matthew 12:22-37 | James 3:9-12

Dear Lord, you said any house divided against itself will fall. Too often I find myself playing two different cards in life: on fueled by the flesh and one fueled by the Holy Spirit. It’s exhausting to continue this back and forth game: I trust, I don’t trust, I believe you have my back and I follow your lead, I don’t believe you have my back and I follow my own lead. I get frustrated, overwhelmed, angry emotions and they spill out into behaviors that drain my energy. I know you don’t want this life style for me…you died to set me free from getting hijacked by the world around me. Help me to restore my identity, purpose and mission in you alone. I’m tired of falling down. Give me an undivided heart to seek you first above all.

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