Hurt is Healed by God

Edge God In Podcast 126:  Hurt is Healed by God

Edge God | Host Dr. Estella Chavous

Learning Objective: Learn about how Gods Love and Grace can heal hurt and the brokenhearted. 


Jeremiah 29:11 | Philippians 4:6-7 | Matthew11:28 | Psalm 147:3

Revelation 21:4 | Isaiah 43:18 | John 14:27

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My dear Loving God, I pray that you will comfort us that are suffering. What might seem small to some are monumental to others, and only you have the power to see and heal the deepest of pain. I ask that the words of my mouth touch those that are listening and that they are led to the healing of any hurt that is upon them. I believe, and I am confident in your power and grace, and although we may be afraid, I believe and know that you have us. We put our trust in you and thank you in advance for healing our broken hearts. Amen.

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