The Stress of Striving

Edge God In Podcast 64: Do you ever experience stress as a result of your striving? Your not alone. Big difference as a follower of Christ is that you have an alternative choice to go for opportunities in life. One that is filled with love and peace rather than anxiety and fear.

Championing Human Potential in Christ

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Learning Objective: Learn how to strive less and abide in Christ more.

Scriptures: John 15: 1-17 |Mark 8:22-25

Dear God, I am a striver. I often experience a lot of worry and anxiety around the thought of not getting what I want in life. Help me learn how to remain in you and less in me. I want to experience the strength that comes from remaining in you. Help me to go for what you want me to go for. I want to do life with and in you not through my own efforts.

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