Want Less Stress? Stop Being Greedy


Dear Lord, open my heart and mind to your unselfish ways. You served others over your own needs. You continually loved in the face of hatred. May my motives be rooted in your love for me. For I cannot give out what I have not experienced within. Help me to put to death all of the faces of greed in my life. Make me aware of the tricky spots that greed hides behind when it comes to my behavior. I find myself it a place of generosity when it is convenient and fits in with my to-do list. Move me to generosity with my time, assumptions and behavior. I want to make you recognizable in this world. Have your way with me in spite of myself.

 Edge God In Podcast Week 28: Want Less Anxiety? Stop Being Greedy.

In Podcast 25 we will explored 3 Excuses that Edge God Out in the midst of our busy lives. Too often we make up excuses when it comes to drawing near to God throughout our day. In today’s Podcast lesson we will explore the different faces of greed in our life along with its connection to anxiety and how to Edge God Into to it all.

Click Here to Download the PDF Edge God In Bible Study for this Podcast: EdgeGodIn Week 25- Want Less Anxiety? Stop Being Greedy

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